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Interview with amazing Legions of Crows

Please a short bio for your band.

I started writing the material in 2008 and recorded the demos with Herod in 2009…The Revelator joined in 2010 to add some lyrics and vocals and we continued writing and recording for the album until 2011. We struck the deal with Funeral Rain Records and released the album in late 2011. Herod has now left and been replaced on guitar by Squeeler Jake - a fine Doom Metal Artisan.

Where do you have the name Legions of Crows from…?

It was a line from a song that I wrote ages ago about Journalists and seemed just right for this band.

Tell about some of the influences, outside of music, that influence your song writing?

Lots of stuff - Politics, The World situation, misanthropy and Religion, drugs and alcohol!

When you write a song, do you use a specific method/structure or do you guys just jam around and take a piece of that, and an other piece of something else…?

There is no set structure but I generally have a theme or riff idea and expand on that. The Revelator has a lot of un used lyrics that have provided inspiration as well.

How do you guys write lyrics?

Randomly! Mine come from being pissed off with something I read or something that happens…just life experiences really.

How would you describe your music to a person that never heard it? Do you direct your music to certain people?

I'd describe it as experimental Doom with a Black Metal Heart - we don't aim it at anyone in particular just anyone into heavy shit!

What is still your biggest dream as a musician? If you have one…

We'd like to get paid...

Say something about the future plans

Apart from getting paid, we are writing for the next album which will be different to Stab Me and more experimental, but still heavy as Hell.

With which bands do you have close contact? Do you feel as a part of a special "scene"?

I talk to a few bands like Throne of Malediction, Old Corpse Road, Plaag and Vrangsinn but we don't find ourselves being massive scenesters in any way. We support and are happy to be a part of the Underground.

What musicstyles, artists or albums are your favourites in private life?

I listen to a lot of stuff from all gloomy genres - at the moment I love the music of Shining and King Dude tho there are many excellent artists out there. Gris are another band that really grab me.

What's your opinion on the BM underground of nowadays?

Some of it is really vibrant but a lot seems to be stuck in a rut. Hailing Satan can be as boring as worshipping God, you know! I like music that pushes boundaries and always have time for that.

What do you think about typical Black Metal topics like Satanism and Paganism?

Its ok, but come on! Change the record!

What activities/interests do you have besides the band?

Motorcycles, football and getting fucked up just about cover it!

Please describe yourself with a few words as a person!

Big and pissed off!

Your thoughts on the subject of religion? Do you believe a part of us lives on in some way?

Could be…I'll let you know...

Your fatherland - UK... How do you estimate the living in it?

Pretty bad and getting worse…we are screwd by a Government that doesn't give a shit and ruled by a bunch of Capitalist arseholes whose only interest is taking as much money as they can. Fuck them all!

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

To get paid...

Your thoughts on society, in general?

Heading for meltdown…capitalism is dying through greed and who knows what is next?

Your thoughts on Armageddon?

Bring it on!

What do you hate most in this world?

Fat cat Bankers.

Hypothetically, if you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?

Whats your problem?

Have you seen a UFO?


What's your favorite joke?

Fuck! Too long to state here!

Thank you for your time and lines. Can you please add some extra words for the fans reading this Interview?

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and if you haven't heard the band then please check us out.

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